The Spirit of the Sea

It is impossible to separate the thought of Scotland from its Whisky - it is one of our greatest exports and our passion. On this voyage, we truly introduce you to the Scottish "Water of Life" and this luxury cruise is a true taster of the very best that the highlands and Islands of this dramatic part of Scotland has to offer. Starting in Oban, we first visit the Oban Distillery for a taste of the delights to come. Departing from here we pass the natural marvel that is the Coryvrekkan whirlpool before arriving at Islay - the whisky isle - home to eight Scottish distilleries. After some thorough tasting from your choice of distilleries, we pass the Ardmore Islands where you can continue to sample your favourites in the luxury of our Whisky Viewing Room whilst watching the seals hide amongst this archipelago of small islands. We sail onwards to Jura, home of the Isle of Jura single malt whisky and then on past the jewel-like Garvellachs before heading to Corpach and the Ben Nevis Distillery. On our return to Oban, we pass the beautiful Shian Bay, before returning on slightly wobbly sea legs after truly sampling the Spirit of the Sea. The Whisky cruise is taken at a slow and leisurely pace - just like a fine whisky these things cannot be rushed. Passing places, anchorages and ports Oban Our gateway to the highlands and islands ……. Historically a fishing and trading village until the Victorian steamers started arriving in larger numbers to this pretty village, Oban grew into a town as it became a main stopping off point for the Western Isles. Oban Distillery One of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, it is also one of the smallest with just two pot stills - yet still produces some spectacular flavours. Established in 1794 by the brother John and Hugh Stevenson, the distillery actually predates the town. Refurbished in the 1890's, there has been little change to the buildings and it still retains its unique charm. The tours are informative and you get to witness first-hand the traditional craftsmanship at work as they produce the whisky before enjoying a complimentary dram or two of the Oban 14-year-old West Highland Malt. Coryvrekkan whirlpool Between the islands of Jura and Scarba hides one of the most dangerous stretches of water around the British Isles. Fear not, as we journey to the Corryvreckan Whirlpool - the third largest in the world. Watch in amazement as the gravitational effect of the sun and moon create a natural phenomenon. During high tides, listen to the roar and watch waves that can reach 9 metres high cause more water to flow in this area than passes out of the Amazon River in a day. Spectacular, breath-taking and a sight that will stay with you forever. Islay Islay the “Whisky Isle” most southerly of the western isles, Islay is known around the world as home to eight Scottish whisky distilleries including three of the island's