Welcome aboard! Our season is just around the corner and the team are hard at work making a few changes to The Spirit of Fortitude for 2019.

Amongst which she is now resplendent with her dark blue hull but guest can be assured of the same exceptional standards for which we have become renowned.

Whether you are looking to venture to new areas among fellow travelers or go on a family adventure by choosing our private charter option, we will succeed in matching expectations and even more.

Just in case you think The Spirit of Fortitude is in the Caribbean, please be assured that this picture is in the Sound Iona.

Beautiful Coast
Beautiful Coast

Superyacht cruises will soon be coming to Scotland next season. We will soon be bringing a charter ship to the West Coast of Scotland in order to increase the offering within marine tourism. The west coast of Scotland has always been know and talked about for being one of the best places in the world to sail! This is not just fluff, this is a true statement of fact which has now been backed up by so many and votes and given Sailing Today one of the best loves sailing magazines has recognized this.

Currently on offer for sail chartering and whole boat private chartering is a tremendous offering! You can see this in the different companies available and the growth in both their fleets as well as repeat business. We like being part of this offering and to create a different size on offer seemed like the best way forward, as there is a gap in this offering, both size and luxury are paramount but not too big as to not get into important anchorages.