St Kilda, the edge of the world.

Tour to the world heritage conservation site St Kilda, known to many around the world for its representation of man’s ability to survive for almost 4000 years perched right at the very edge of the world! The party aboard where a cotectic mix from all differing regions, as settle into the cruise they all started to form a bond. Bound by their interest and hopes to be one of life’s very few to reach St Kilda and experience the land where time literally stood still. The journey was exhilarating and the party where thrilled to see a shawl of dolphins including 2 very small young.

When arriving at St Kilda the sun was glorious which set the scene for a perfect day. Nothing quite prepares you for the vast stacks, covered white with the breading birds and the array of hand built little cottages identifying not one but 2 bygone dates. Perched in between the roofed cottages where the old cottages which must have continued to be used. The sheer scale of the village street in St Kilda is much larger than most people imagine and really sets the tone of how life was back in the day when it was populated. Man’s determination to carve out a life is in my opinion most demonstrated when you visit such a place as the use of tools and resources would have been very much restricted yet St Kilda is packed with structures made with huge rocks that must have been incredibly hard to move let along build with. These are for living accommodation and the drying huts for fish and birds etc.


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